Veritek provide a network of engineering, support and repairs for multiple industries across the UK and europe.

Project details

Project details


UI design

Veritek needed a website design refresh to underline their expertise and ability to serve customers across the uk and europe.

The previous design focused too much on the industries they served rather than the unique services they offer. With a structural refresh, content now focuses on their expertise which can adapt and apply to any industry.

Use of the brand was expanded so that the typography, colours and framing of content felt unified. This resulted in a vibrant design that immediately felt unique to competitors and other companies within this field.

At a glance

  • Helped redefine the information architecture and content structure to focus on Veritek‚Äôs core offerings
  • Defined a visual style that complimented their existing brand and set them apart from their competitors
  • Produced responsive layouts that adapted to multiple types of content
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