An agile software development service focussed on delivering secure, scalable and well-tested products, deployed using continuous integration and delivery platforms to modern cloud infrastructure.

Project details

Project details


Identity, UI design

Identity, Responsive website

Bindly needed an identity that made them stand out from other software developers. The visual language developed retained a sense of professionalism but also reflected their modern working practices and delivery.

Guidelines together with delivered assets provided a suite of tools that would enable Bindly to produce presentations, documentation and marketing materials.

At a glance

  • Develop brand and identity that made Bindly stand out from a crowded field
  • Produced guides and assets to help implement the brand across various mediums
  • Developed website designs that could adapt a breadth of content
Bindly identity Bindly identity Logo variations Logo variations Logo spacing Logo spacing Graphical device Graphical device Social media elements Social media elements