Video game UI
Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Video game UI

During some down-time between projects I was approached by a UI designer for a game developer in Brighton. It was great to catch up with him and to talk about an open role at the company he worked for.

As a designer, to keep myself sharp I need to adapt my tools and embrace a change of mediumFor me, the video game industry has seemed like an enigma that I could only imagine playing a role in, but after this informal meet up it made me realise that I have transferable skills and could maybe could fulfil the role.

Career strafing

I have always had the impression that my skillset wouldn’t really be viable within the games industry, surely the UI design of a game would be handled by a game artist or at least someone with 3d experience? I made some wrong assumptions here and this made me very excited.

Decisions, decisions

My background is in traditional graphic design but I now work predominantly within digital. I made that transition without even thinking about it as most of the tools where the same and digital only apps such as Dreamweaver (yes, I know) and Flash (again, I know) helped me understand how everything worked.

But honestly, it isn’t about the tools or the medium, it’s about the underpinnings of design. Whilst designing a press advert may seem very different to creating a menu screen for a video game both mediums have a lot in common; space, rhythm, tone and legibility.

Get ready!

Having worked myself up with excitement I decided to have a play around in After Effects to create some basic game UI. It was nothing more than an exercise just to get myself in the mind-set and whilst it wasn’t on par with the UI of Destiny (very, very far from it) it was a lot of fun.

It also reminded me that as a designer, to keep myself sharp I need to adapt my tools and embrace a change of medium.

Final version of my game UI experiment

Game over

Unfortunately the position at the games company was filled by someone that already had industry experienced and to be fair, I was expecting that to be the case. What I learnt from the whole process was invaluable and I will definitely cast a wider net when looking for future projects.

Do I want to continue? That is a definite “Yes!”